What Is MagDeck®?

MagDeck® is a patented automated system for managing labware, consisting of “State of the Art” hardware and software, which caters to Clinical/Forensic Laboratories as well as R&D facilities.  
This system has a modular design, and when complemented with consulting services delivers a tailor-made solution.  
More specifically, MagDeck Products, LLC’s MagDeck® automated solutions focus on robotic assay production system.  
MagDeck® eliminates all deckware, Plate Manipulation Arm, and operator interaction placement. It is a stationary automated pipette equipment that utilizes a flat surface/ deck to seamlessly move plateholders through its path. The key to MagDeck®’s success is magnetic coupling, labware holders, and Conductor software. Conductor™ directs the magnetic cursor under the deck which moves the labware holders.  
MagDeck®’s “Pros” are less operator involvement, minimizes injuries from traditional use of plate and tube moving devices, ease of use in configuring and programming, no exposure to machinery, positive tracking of items on the deck – RFID barcode on carrier. The operator puts a plateholder on a loading spot and then Conductor™ will traverse the plateholder throughout its path on the XY deck (no Z required), returning to the unloading position.  
MagDeck Products, LLC can create custom labware holders for your plates, tubes, and other labware for use on MagDeck®.